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Peugeot 206 Fuse Box Central Locking - the control unit should be built into the right hand fuse box below the steering was in mine anywayi replaced the fuse box and it sorted out my problem. The secret to fixing the central locking in a Peugeot 206 is bychecking the keys. Check. Aug 10, 2008  · Peugeot 206 Central Locking I changed fuse yesterday for cigarette lighter,after changing fuse tried to lock the car with the key fob and wouldnt work,lights still flash when button is pressed,and the fuse box makes a ticking noises,tried to reset key. Mar 01, 2010  · Please help! I'm having problems with the central locking on my 2005 Peugeot 206. It started with all the doors locking when the passenger doors open, now however none of the doors lock centrally, with the remote or manually. Peugeot 206 Central Locking Problems? doors lock centrally, with the remote or manually. The.

Peugeot 206 central locking? where is the central locking unit on a Peugeot 206 chris September 2008: There is more help available. Mend - peugeot, 206, central, locking There is one in each door its part of the door catch mechanism the master control unit is part of the main fuse box which is dealer only replaceable as its a security coded. Where is the fuse located to disable central locking peugeot 406 - Answered by a verified UK Auto Mechanic where is the fuse located to disable central locking peugeot 406. Show More. Show Less. i have a peugeot 206,v reg.the central locking system is not working,it locks then immediately opens again,the same happens when i try to lock. Nov 12, 2012  · Central locking on my Peugeot 206 -00 does not work, or anyway not the right way. When I unlock the car from the keyhole of the door (remote control will not work even though I tried to sync it a few times..

Mar 15, 2011  · Best Answer: It is the bsi body control module that operates immob and central locking.They have to be coded in and you need main dealer peugoet planet to do it which w e have.However it is probably an actuator in the door which is faulty try locking manually if you can to find out which door actuator is faulty. fuse diagram for peugeot 206 1.9d 2001 fuse box diagram for peugeot 206 1.9d 2001 model - Peugeot Cars & Trucks question Please click the link below and it will give you the fuse box details for the Peugeot 206. Thank you Mandy. Where is the central locking modular situated on a Peugeot. Apr 08, 2012  · 206 wiring Peugeot diagrams Key to circuits Diagram 1 Information for wiring diagrams Diagram 2 Starting, charging, horn, pre/post-heating Diagram 3.

Dashboard fuse box. The fusebox is located below the dashboard (driver’s side). If the central locking is still working, then the easiest way to work this out is to pull out each fuse, one at a time only. After you pull one fuse - check the central locking to see if it still. Jan 28, 2002  · Hi. Does anyone know if there is a known defect with the central locking system of the Peugeot 206. Mine is a 98 XS and the central locking has just packed.

The following article is about central door locking problems and the wiring diagram of Peugeot 206 car series.Central door locking faults including the Central door locking system not operating on one or more doors and the Central door locking system intermittently locking and then immediately unlocking.. Table with fuse locations and application for peugeot 206.

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